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Top 4 Must-Have LED Strip Light Accessories for Your Next Lighting Project

Whether you’re a professional lighting designer or do-it-yourselfer, it’s important to have the right accessories for your LED strip lighting projects. These items not only make your project appear more fluid upon completion, but they can make your project a whole lot easier. Here are the 4 must-have LED strip light accessories for your next lighting project.

Snap-on Connectors

For single color/color changing strips, snap-on connectors will make your entire lighting project much easier. If you’ve never soldered before or you’d prefer to save time and energy and avoid soldering altogether, these connectors are essential. Instead of needing to cut the strip and then solder it, you simply slide it into the connector and snap it closed. You can easily connect a strip after you cut it or use a snap on connector to make the strip itself longer. These connectors also make it easier to use LED lighting solutions for shelving projects or lighting projects that require turns by using the snap on connector to continue a fluid and continuous lighting visual. Snap-on connectors are also great for defective LED strips that you need to cut and splice so that you don’t have to waste a strip and purchase a new one.

Low Voltage Wire Single Color, RGB, and Extension

Low voltage lighting means that you are reducing the normal line voltage so that the lighting is not as bright. This is perfect for display and track lighting, along with other areas where it’s difficult to run a standard-voltage electrical conduit and wire. In most cases, low voltage lighting is used when trying to deliver light to a difficult-to-access area while being used to leave a space in between segments of light. Low voltage wires offer more natural lighting, making them great for displays and cabinets.

IR/RF Controllers and Dimmers (Zone Controllers)

LED strip controllers offer you the ability to control different zones of lighting independently or synchronize them for a uniform look. While there are many different types of controllers, dimmers are mostly used for single color. If you don’t want your lighting to appear too bright, you would use a dimmer to create a softer look. You can easily control the brightness level with an IR/RF controller. In the case of RGB controllers, you can also control the color.

With zone controllers, you can control up to four zones using just one controller. Because this type of controller is very powerful, you can control many lights using just one remote, or for bigger spaces, with just a few remotes. These controllers allow you to control multiple lighting zones for a seamless appearance, making the lighting look like it’s just one strip when, in reality, it is many. You can also control your lighting using WiFi for an easy, simple, and seamless lighting design.

Aluminum Tracks with Diffusers

Diffusers are used to soften lighting effects. They can help soften the appearance of dots in an LED strip. The LED strip attaches directly to an aluminum track which helps to minimize the LED light dots, while a diffuser completely eliminates them from view to create a solid lighting experience. While they give LED strips a professional appearance with even light, they are perfect for displays and cabinets to help illuminate items gently and effectively.

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