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Everyday application for LEDs

LED lighting is everywhere, you may not know it but you have LED lights being used in your very own home.

LED backlit LCD screens
A relatively new technology which utilizes LED lights for monitor and TV screens. This allows them to be thinner and provide better pictures. LCD screens are leaning more and more towards using LED to illuminate the displays!

LED flashlights last a lot longer than incandescent flashlights, they are also more compact and smaller and have a farther range. LEDs are also nearly unbreakable which allows for more rugged use.

traffic light

Traffic signs
Many newer traffic lights uses LED lights to reduce maintenance and increase efficiency. Many cities are in the process of this conversion. It is estimated that the conversion will save Los Angeles $4 million annually.


LED headlights
Many cars these days uses LED headlights to provide brighter lights. For example, Audi headlights uses LED and this gives them the iconic look. LED headlights are 4X more efficient than halogen lamps.

store signs

Store signs
Store signs are often made with LED lights since they are kept on for extended time and LED lights come in all different shades of color

recess lighting

Indoor Recessed lighting
LED lights for recessed lighting are now a popular option for homes including bedrooms and living rooms. With over 30,000 hours of bulb life, their light bulbs will be changed much less frequently. Their low power consumption can greatly help decrease your electrical bills

Porch light

Porch lights
Porch lighting are used outdoors and need to be weatherproof and waterproof which LED lighting can obtain. Never replace porch lights again!

gallery art

Gallery lighting
LED lighting is great for galleries and artwork since it is direct and can shine as a spotlight. It produces very low heat and no UV rays which reduces the damage to artwork.

night light

Christmas lights
LED lights make for great night lights and christmas lights because they are long lasting, bright and colorful. Since they do not produce much heat, the chances of any accidents are greatly reduced and virtually eliminated.


On/Off indicators
Your electronics use LED lights for on/off indicators since they consume very little power and can be left on

night light

Night Lights
LED lights are often used for night lights since they last a long time and you can just leave them on all day and night

phone flash

The flash on your phone camera uses LED light bulbs!

Additional uses for LED lights

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