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We are able to create a custom LED light strip for your application. Every project is different and some may require a custom length, brightness, LED spacing, color, and IP rating.

We are able to customize your LED strip:

  • Length - We can make custom lengths from a few inches to 100FT Reels
  • CRI(Color Rendering Index) - We can make the strips with custom CRI from 80 up to 95+ CRI
  • Brightness - We can have customize the brightness on the strips depending on the LED chip used
  • Color Temperature - We can create the strips to your desired color temperature (CCT) from 2700K to 6500K
  • Environmental Protection - IP rating from IP20 to IP68 with no coating for indoor use up to a thick IP68 hard gel for outdoor use
  • LED wire - We can customize the length of the lead wire on your strip. For example, you can have a 16' strip with 30 feet of lead wire
  • LED Chip - We have a wide variety of chips from single color, RGB, and even IC chips such as WS2811, APA102C, SK6812, and more. Single color chips can be 2835, 3528, 5050, 5630, and more.
We have created numerous strips for manufacturers made to their specifications. Contact us now to get a free quote. If you have a diagram you can also email it to us at sales@wholesale-leds.com and we will get you a quote.

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