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Creative Applications for Neon LED Lighting

Neon LED lighting can be used for almost anything to enhance the visual aspect of an object or space. They are different from traditional LED strips as they do not have the visible dots of light; Instead they offer a more visually appealing, smooth lighting effect. While there are many applications for Neon LED lighting, here are a few to help you get started on your next project.


Neon LED lighting can be used for backlighting to enhance the visual aspect of any object. They provide a certain type of ambiance that showcases an object and can even transform its look. Backlighting is most commonly used on devices like phones so that users can more easily read content, but it’s also a type of photography that uses the main light source behind the photography subject to create a glow effect at the edges or back of the subject. While you may not be a photographer, you’ll find that backlighting adds depth into a scene and creates a certain type of mood. Restaurants and hotels can use backlighting behind booths and seating to create a more relaxed mood and transform the overall look of a room.

Border Lighting

Like backlighting, border lighting is used to enhance the visual aspect of an object. Different from backlighting, border lighting only highlights a certain part of the object. For example, you can border light almost anything, like a piano to showcase the object or make it more noticeable to an audience. By adding neon LED lighting to an object, you are drawing more attention to it and highlighting it above all other objects in a scene.


Businesses use signage not only to let customers know where they are, but as a marketing tactic to bring more foot traffic into their establishments. Using Neon LED lighting on signs will draw attention to the business and make people want to come inside and take a look around. In a shopping center, those with neon signs will have an advantage over the competition as customers are drawn to the brighter, more welcoming signage due to the neon lights. These lights can also be used inside businesses where you want to draw customer attention to a certain section of the establishment.

Architectural Lighting

This type of lighting includes lighting the outside of a building as well as the interior design. Architectural lighting can be used on any type of building to make it stand out against the others. If a business is hosting an event in a certain building, they may want to make the building pop with color to not only highlight the celebration, but help guests recognize where to go. Neon lights can also be used inside to create a mood and let guests know which features of a building should be gazed upon. Matching the perfect Neon lighting for interior design purposes can take an average room and make it appear extravagant.



Entertainment Lighting

If you’ve been to a concert or festival in recent years, you’ve most likely seen Neon LED lighting on stage. It is commonly used to create a light show along with the music that not only gives the audience something to look at, but enhances the overall quality of the show. Lights can be used above, behind, and below the entertainers to create a show to remember.

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