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8 LED Lighting Project Ideas

Whether you have a business or are looking for ways to incorporate beautiful LEDs into your everyday life, you can find a simple LED lighting project that’s not only appealing, but useful. LED lights are great for attention-grabbing, celebrations, and even more functional projects like growing plants. Here are 8 LED Lighting Project ideas to help you get started.

Exhibit Booth Lighting

If you sell a product or service, odds are you’ve been to a trade show to network with other professionals in your industry and help your products gain visibility. As you know, the better looking the booth, the more people you can attract. By strategically placing LED lighting in and around your booth, you’ll attract buyers and other professionals. You can do this simply by lining your booth with lights, or using a backlight to create crisp visuals of a certain product.

Architectural Lighting

For a simple LED lighting project, you can take a canopy, corridor, window or archway, and give it a pop of color. Whether in a home or business, you can take something as simple as a hallway and give it some style. LED lighting is great in places where traditional lighting fixtures just won’t look good, and can help you create a beautiful, yet functional walkway. If your home or business has an outdoor patio, you can use LEDs to light it up in darkness and create a visually appealing walkway for any guest.


If there’s something that you want to stand out apart from another object, you can backlight it. This will provide clean edges and curves to any item and give it a nice glow to help entice people to take a look where you want them to. Backlighting also works on signs to create crisp, clean lettering and make letting stand out.

Contouring and Bordering

LED lights are great for contouring an object. You can take a drab object and make it fab by simply adding contouring LED strips that will enhance the item and make it stand out. In a showroom, you’ll find many objects that are contoured to stand out above the rest and lead the eye and buyers to one area. The best part? You can contour almost anything using LED lights.


Decorative Lights

LEDs work great for any celebration, outdoor and indoor. You can take something as simple as a wall and use LEDs to create an ambiance and take the whole feeling of the room to a different level. Great for holidays, you can put lights inside and outside your home to reflect gleeful celebration.

Grow Lights

Did you know? LEDs can be used to grow plants and algae. You can grow plants indoors with a set of LED lights including, houseplants, orchids, and even some vegetable and fruit. If you live in a place that gets harsh winters, you can bring some of your garden inside to have fresh plants year-long. LEDs can help healthy plants grow indoors from seed to stem. You’ll have to be careful in choosing the correct LED grow lights and find which is best to grow your favorite plants indoors any time of year.

Accent and Cove Lighting

Accent and cove lighting can enhance the aesthetics of any room. You can turn an average room into a beautiful work of art using just LED lighting. Cove lighting offers the benefits of hiding fixtures and providing a balanced, warm light into any areas. Perfect for business and residential applications, these lights help illuminate a room without the need for visible fixtures that can distract the eye.


Under Cabinet Lighting

If you’ve ever walked into a beautiful kitchen, you may have noticed that there are lights under the cabinets to illuminate the entire kitchen from top to bottom. Since flooring is so important to many home buyers, this type of lighting can be used to enhance an already beautiful room with just a flick of the switch. You can take this application and apply it to places in your business where you’d like to illuminate certain areas without adding extra lamps. If you have shelving units, you can easily light every layer for your customers to more easily see.

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